Artist Profile  

Barbara Furhovde

PO Box 811
Lunenburg NS B0J 2C0

Medium: oli

Subjects: various

Barbara Furhovde (nee Mosher) was born and educated in historic Lunenburg, where many family members earned a living from the sea. Over the years, she wore many hats: secretary, teacher, and for a period of six years in her 40’s, she went to sea out of Hantsport. From a very early age, art has been an important part of her life.

Her realistic style covers subjects which were familiar to her: the Grand Bank schooners she visited as a child with her father when they unloaded salt codfish off the farm on Corkum’s Island, the dory fishermen who rowed the fish to shore for curing, and the fishstores and flakes and oxen, as well as scenes of the town where she now resides.

During the twelve years Barbara was employed at the Fisheries Museum until retiring, the wealth of information on site encouraged her to continue paying tribute to the age of sail through her art.

Schooner "Fairmorse", 10" x 12", oil, $250

Blue Jay, Anglican Church
Bluenose 2, Lily of the Valley

The Fishmaker